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Taking care of a dog is a great responsibility. It is for this reason that here in we want to offer you the chance to provide you the healthiest animal feedstuffs and the top quality products for your pet's comfort and grooming. Scroll down and you will find the best dog food products, and read the useful tips for taking your dog for a stroll. You will also find the leading supplements brands for dogs, besides than accessories and houses. Because your pets' happiness is our happiness!

Dog Food

Pets have always been considered as family members, for this reason we want to offer them the best to keep them healthy and fit. Different studies have confirmed that long time ago, cats and dogs were carnivore, so they need a meat-based diet, composed by ingredients that respect their nutrition needs. Here on you will find dog food from the leading brands: AcanaRoyal CaninEukanuba and many more, available in dry and wet food, treats and crunchies. These brands became popular thanks to the natural ingredients they contain, which are rich in proteins and low in carbohydrates, in a way that they allow your dog to have a healthy and balanced diet long-term well-being.


Dog Treats

In order to enhance your dog’s hygiene, brushing his teeth may not be enough: suffice it to say that some dogs are not prone to such a practice. To fix this inconvenient, try dogs treats. You will see that not only your dog will gladly eat them, but you will also improve his oral hygiene. In doing so, you will be giving him a delicious treat, that also favours a balanced diet. Plus, you will be giving him the pleasure of chewing. On you will find sticks, bones, natural and semi-moist hypoallergenic snacks from the best brands, namely TrixiePurina Pro PlanGreenies and many more.


Dog Food Supplements

Research carried out in the animal medical field care to treat illnesses’ symptoms (for example intestine inflammation) with antibiotics and anti-inflammatories, ignoring that the origin of many diseases lies on the animals’ nutrition. Besides, the abuse of such medicines alters the intestinal flora of animals, encouraging bacteria proliferation. On the other hand, dog supplements combined with a balanced diet can prevent and treat different diseases. Supplements can act against digestive problems, tooth and gum, joint and immunitary sytem diseases and hair loss. It is preferable to buy natural supplements, that will allow your dog the intake of vitamins necessary to his daily needs and to find the energy to face the day. If sick, we suggest that you take your dog to the vet, who will be able to give you advice on the best product to use for a speedy recovery. We ensure the best selection for dogs supplement : VetPlusBioibericaKönig e Purina. Check them out now!


Bowls, Feeders and Water dispensers for Dogs

When it comes to eating, every dog needs gadgets that suit his needs. For this reason on you will find different accessories of every shape, dimension and colour for your dog. We offer a broad selection of the leading brands for dogs accessories. You may want to try the Classic bowl for pets: comfy, resistant and available in different colours. Composed of non-slip, stainless steel, it is very easy to clean and affordable as well. Don’t miss it! We make sure you have access to the best brands for dogs accessories, such as TrixieArquizooClassic for Pets and many more. You will find on our website a broad range of products for your dog’s comfort: bowls, water dispenser, travel accessories, houses, flaps, apparel, grooming products and much more.


Flea Control for Dogs

A healthy diet is not enough, when your pet gets infested by fleas. As you may know, these parassites can cause a great discomfort for your dog, because they feed on your pet’s blood provoking painful itching. Protecting your dog from fleas and ticks is a way to protect the environment in which they live and your family from new infestations. It is important to take care of your dog’s hygiene in order to also keep the surrounding area clean. Taking care of your dog means increasing his well-being and health. Try Scalibor pest control collar, with an active ingredient, deltamerine, a highly lipofilic element which is released and spreads on dogs' skin. The constant emission of this substance is odourless and completely safe for your dog and the whole family. The product Scalibor gradually protects from flebotoms, fleas and ticks for six months. As an alternative, you can try Frontline vials: with their triple action, these vials protect your dog from ticks and flea all day long. The effectiveness of this Frontline product is determined by its two active ingredients: fipronil and perimetrine, two insecticides that stand out for their rapid, long-lasting action and their safety. These protection measures must be combined with constant care and cleaning of your pet in order to guarantee an overall well-being. We suggest that you clean your dog in the morning and make him get used to this procedure while being a puppy, so that it does not get difficult for both. The areas you have to keep clean the most are the most delicate ones, that is to say the eyes, teeth, ears, hair and intimate parts. On we put at your disposal a great variety of products for an overall grooming of your dog: deodorants, diapers, nail-cutters, clippers, sanitary wipes, conditioners and much more. Check out the products of our best brands: BayerFrontlineScalibor and many more.


Dog houses and Beddings

When it comes to choosing a house for your dog, you have to bear in mind different aspects: the dimensions of the house have to adapt to the dogs dimension. A house that is too small will be uncomfortable for your dog, while one that is too big won’t be able to retain heat during winter, causing your dog to feel unprotected. The right dimensions are the ones through which your dog is able to stand straight in his house and turn around himself. Concerning the material, wood is the most frequently used, since it is able to maintain the doghouse cool during summer and warm during winter. Besides, wood is an odourless, easy to clean material. Alternatively, plastic or metal are sued, but they are both not recommended choices, as they are not able to isolate heat. If you are not sure about the structure of your dog house, you might want to choose one with a sloping roof, so that in case of raining, water will slide down the roof. Slanted roofs are recommended for comfort in cleaning the house. Lastly, if you are looking for an indoor dog house, you can choose a basket or a playpen. The basket can be of woven, plastic or faux leather material. Place a blanket on the bottom and add some of their toys: you will make your pet feel comfy and safe. Don’t forget to regularly clean the dog house and its accessories in order to prevent germs and bacteria proliferation. If you are looking for a dog flap, it is important to calculate the minimum measurements that will facilitate your dog’s passage. You will find on our website products from the best brands, namely Pet MateFerplastTrixieDuvo e Chadog.


Dog Toys and Sport

Playing with your own dog, not only is good for your health, but it is also useful to strengthen the dog-owner bond. It is wrong to think that your dog wants to play only when it is a puppy, because constant exercise will keep him fit and will allow him to develop his senses and to use his energy in an amusing way. Playing with your dog is also a way to establish the relationship of hierarchy between you: it is good for your dog to know when the game is over. Besides, dogs feel the need to chew and bite everything they see, such as shoes, furniture and so on. To meet their needs, you can check out on our latex, plastic or plush chew toys, and also frisbees and ropes of different shapes. We also offer agility and mental exercise toys for your dog, to meet every kind of need. Among the top brands we feature, you will find KongChomperNylabone and many more.

Walking with your Dog

As you may know, taking your dog for a stroll at least thrice a day is the ideal way to keep him active, plus, it is also beneficial for our health! It is important to bring a leash and a collar, or alternatively a harness. Here is some advice for taking your dog for a stroll: during the first walks, it is important to watch out to a variety of dangers that could catch his attention: zebra walks in front of the stop light, meeting new dogs and so on.  Besides, if you will be taking a long stroll, don’t forget to take with you some food and water for both of you. We recommend you to always to clean up after your dog, either you are in a private or public place, so always remember to take with you some pet waste bags. When you take him to the park, do unleash him, but always keep an eye on him. Follow these suggestions, and walking with your dog will be a fun experience for both of you. Among our best brands, we feature Doggy ThingsVitakraftHS SprengerTrixie and many more.


Dog Training and Education

If you are planning to train your dog, there’s nothing better than the accessories provided by From whistles to motivators, from sprays to anti-bark devices, we cover all your needs for your dog’s education. It is worth remembering that dog training has to be combined with games and lots of food. If you want to train your dog while having fun with him, try FitPAWS Balance Disk. Designed to have both a smooth and a rough surface, it is handy and safe for the whole family. On our website you will find products from the leading brands, such as KyjenAdaptilFitPaws and many more.

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