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Ons for dogs

Our animal store has all products parapharmacy dog that at one time or another may need for your pet, and even for certain chronic problems also have supplements for more suitable dogs.

Dog Pharmaceuticals

As is the case with parafarmacias of humans in this kind of shops dog going to be able to find products that without drugs, supplements or become very beneficial supplements for the health of our pet. Sometimes those extra contributions of vitamins or substances have such a simple presentation as feed for dogs designed with special mixtures. And sometimes is tablets, capsules or syrups dogs .

In all these cases the brands that produce these products for dogs are companies with a long standing, and therefore can be assured that you are giving your pet some products whose compositions are the result of a long work of veterinary research . This is the case of brands like Bayer , Stanvet , Beaphar or Canina Pharma Spain .

Contributions of vitamins and minerals for dogs

As is the case with us, pets can also go through times when walking low in certain vitamins or minerals. That is when action can enter the products that we offer in our shop online animals.

Here you can find vitamins, but also minerals like calcium for dogs , an additional contribution ideal for your bones or an essential fatty acid that is converted into protein sure you sound and is also good for our pet. We are talking about the omega 3 for dogs.

But you returning to the different vitamins for dogs that have available in our section complements and supplements, you will see that there are several products that provide vitamin C and K to the animal. Both have different functions and the first thing to do is know if you really need our animal.

For example, it should be noted that the intake of vitamin C for dogs is only recommended for those individuals who do not generate themselves, as the dogs, unlike us, are able to synthesize them vitamin C in their liver although not ingested. So make sure that they do not give themselves to give it to us. As for vitamin K for dogs it is ideal to give to our animal only in the case of certain poisonings, as it is an excellent anticoagulant.

Products for dogs with ailments

Other items for dogs that we present here are related to both temporary health problems such as chronic ailments. This case is typical dogs, especially large ones, with age accumulate bone problems, arthritis, dysplasia, etc., that is, as men. For them you will see that there are many accessories for your bones cartilage and joints. All of them, as condroprotectores for dogs, provide them with substances that slow the degenerative processes and alleviated their pain.

Attention! We're talking about chemical mixtures that each is recommended for pain or situation. So it is not at all advisable to give this upgrade to our dogs without consulting a veterinarian, the doctor who will tell us if such is periodically give HYALORAL suit, Condrovet or sinovit among many other supplements present in

But we not only have here pills, syrups and extra contributions related to bone problems. We will also facilitate more specific for muscle or toothaches. And even to assist in the removal of hair or skin problems, often related to allergies.

Painkillers and tranquilizers for dogs

And finally, in the section supplements for dogs also you are going to be able to find relievers for dogs. As with almost all products that we present here, it is advisable to follow the instructions of a veterinarian in the type of painkiller to give our pet and especially bring you appropriate for your weight problem doses, because it is not the same for example give a pain reliever for a trip point in time, which apply it to a period in which the dog is suffering anxiety. Yes. Anxiety. Another problem, such as bones, teeth, lack of vitamins, etc., they also share with men, and for that you can find in our shop remedy animals.

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